WRAL-HD Celebrates One Year Anniversary

WRAL-HD Celebrates One Year Anniversary

According to Jim Goodmon, President and CEO of Capitol Broadcasting Company, HDTV is the next technological revolution in the area of home entertainment. Goodmon thinks HDTV has to be the future of free, over-the-air broadcast television if this industry wants to have any future at all. And to stay viable, local stations must not only offer the best possible picture, but lead the way and pioneer the new technology.

You may have heard a lot of controversy right now in the broadcasting industry and Congress regarding HDTV vs. multichannel. You can hear Goodmon share his opinions on Lamonica’s Talk Radio, or read about his views in the September 29 issue of Broadcasting and Cable Magazine (reproduced here with their permission).

If you follow the home entertainment trail, you will see that other technological evolutions had rocky starts as well:

1930’s – AM Radio => 1940’s – FM Radio
1950’s – Black and White TV => 1960’s – Color TV
1970’s – 8-Track tape => 1970’s – Cassette tape
1980’s – Beta tape => 1980’s – VHS tape

Each of these advancements began amid a sea of skepticism: each set a new standard that you, the consumer, began to expect. HDTV will be no exception.

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