Hefner and Schenck Represent CBC at AWRT Meeting

WRAL-TV logoFOX50 logo Hefner and Schenck Represent CBC at AWRT Meeting

Two Capitol Broadcasting Company television station general managers participated on a panel at a recent meeting for American Women in Radio & Television (AWRT). WRAL-TV GM Jim Hefner and WRAZ-TV Tommy Schenck took part in the panel along with the other GM’s from the area. The luncheon took place on Wednesday, March 19, 2003, at the Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh.

Jim Hefner
WRAL-TV GM Jim Hefner (center) was joined on the panel by GMs from other area television stations.
Tommy Schenck
WRAZ-TV GM Tommy Schenck (right) answers one of the questions posed by moderator Nicki Morse.

The two answered questions about everything from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rulings to high-definition television.

The capacity crowd got a chance to see all of the local General Managers in one sitting. Besides Hefner & Schenck, the panel consisted of Bernie Prazenica of WTVD-TV, Neal Davis of WLFL/WRDC-TV, Mike Ward of WNCN-TV and Alan Mason of News 14 Carolina. Sunny 93.9 On-Air Radio Personality Nicki Morse served as moderator.

When asked about the wisdom of the possibility of the FCC abandoning the media ownership regulatory scheme, Hefner replied, “I can’t see any public interest service if major media companies dominate the local market. CBC will not be able to compete if the rules change.”

Schenck agreed saying the regulatory scheme is “essential to localism.”

Other panelists raved about CBC and WRAL.com, WRAL-TV’s Web site.

“WRAL is an incredible company and a public service company,” said Ward. “WNCN would be proud to do half of the service they have done.”

“WRAL.com is a beautiful site,” added Davis.

Thanks to Corporate’s Angie Emerline for these capcom photos & story information.

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