George Habel “The Virginian” Turn “Carolinian”

Throwback Thursday: CBC History

George Habel was asked this question:
     If Hollywood wanted to make a movie about George Habel, what actor would you cast as yourself and what’s the title of the movie?
George responded:
     The late Leslie Nielsen starring in “Ballpark!”

George & Cindy Habel

George Habel and his wife, Cindy.

George likes saying that he did not join Capitol Broadcasting; he was acquired! Kinda like a pro-ball player who was “traded” to a new team. That happened in 1983. As of today, he is a long-term CBC “player” and is vice president of CBC Sports Group.

George’s fascination with broadcasting started like many of the “baby boomer” generation; it started with radio. By the time he matriculated at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond he knew that his major would be broadcast/communication. You can’t go wrong graduating from a college where the mascot is named “Rodney the Ram” and with a diploma in communication.

The “acquisition” of George came about thanks to advances in communication. CBC’s foray into satellite technology in the early ‘80s enabled Jim Goodmon’s vision of regionalism to expand beyond the geographic boundaries of North Carolina. He looked northward to the “Old Dominion” state.

Charlottesville, Virginia was home to the Virginia News Network, which also carried University of Virginia sports – a company very similar in concept to the North Carolina News Network. Combine satellite + news + sports + Virginia equals a perfect fit for CBC’s growth. The acquisition included George Habel, who was the General Manager of the Virginia Network. In August, 1983 George became a CBC’er.

There’s more, so you’ll need to watch and listen to George tell his story on the CBC History website. It includes stories about NASCAR, NFL Washington Redskins, NFL Carolina Panthers, NFL Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49’ers, as well as the Durham Bulls. Just click on the link below.

Whether George was hired, acquired, traded or obtained by CBC, we and the community are better off with his presence!

Thanks to Corp’s Pam Allen for this capcom story & these photos. Pam Parris Allen is a former WRAL newscast producer/director who now works as a researcher and producer on the CBC History Project.

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