Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

"Tube II" by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

“Tube II” by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

Two people emerge from an analog television as static and struggle to make it in the “real” world that is now digital.

Vending machines that sell human DNA.  People trapped in jars and blenders.  Bottles of perfume that smell like burning books.  You have to expect the unexpected with Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, a New York-based artist who works with film, electronics, performance, biomaterials and more to create mind-bending interactive artworks.

He attended the USC School of Cinema-Television and is currently a Professor in Media Arts at New York University.  In 2008, he was awarded the NYFA grant for video art.  In 2012, he was made a TED fellow.  Gabriel is also the grandson of Spanish Poet and writer José Rubia Barcia.