James Marshall (Dalek)

'Spectrum Analysis' by James Marshall (aka. Dalek)

“Spectrum Analysis” by James Marshall (aka Dalek)

James Marshall (born May 22, 1968), better known as Dalek, is an American Artist and designer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dalek has published two books featuring his artwork, and has been published in several other magazines. His artwork has appeared in public art venues in the forms of large scale outdoor murals. His designs have been found on various media due to his collaboration with Hurley. Marshall grew up in a military family, and his childhood was punctuated by drastic moves every couple of years. He lived up and down the East Coast, and ended his high school years in Japan. He turned to the subcultures of punk rock, skateboarding and graffiti for inclusion and identity. He earned his bachelor’s degree in anthropology and sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1992, and received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1995. Taking up the name “Dalek” Marshall merged street art, cartoons, Japanese pop and the energy of the urban punk scene. A major turning point in Dalek’s studio practice was working as Takashi Murakami’s assistant in 2001.

“Marshall has taken a long, strange path to the hard-edge abstract painting of Spectrum Analysis. Along the way he’s discarded an iconic brand—his street-art cartoon character Space Monkey—and most of a pseudonym, as his handle Dalek has lately retreated to within parentheses after his birth name. Marshall has earned this work through self-transformation. These paintings give a sheer optical pleasure even as they retrain the eyes and the body. A viewer has to stop and let his or her eyes catch up. Otherwise the hard lines of the tapered, angular shapes seem to shimmer and jitter. Eyes see by darting about, depending upon the brain to assemble many glances into a coherent image. But Marshall’s paintings frustrate this assembly unless a viewer concentrates.” – Chris Vitiello