Leigh Suggs

I have very few memories from my childhood, but I can easily recall the patterns and shapes that I used to see behind my eyelids. I remember closing my eyes, just so I could see the circles and dots that would undulate and pulse within the darkness. Moving faster than my eye could keep up with, I constantly chased these patterns. My fascination with these visions, the comfort they bring me, and the fact that I no longer “see” the patterns, are what drive my obsessive, repetitive, and relentless need to recall them. The circle (or dot) has countless meanings, but for me it represents the infinite, the never-ending shape or object. Its start never ends. It is zero-dimensional or infinitely dimensional. It seems to have no height, no width, and no length. The dots and circles are just there – just like my memories.”- Suggs

Leigh Suggs received her BFA in studio art from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2003. Suggs was awarded a residency at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina where she expanded on her drawings and sketches. The resulting body of work was based on the repetition of pattern-producing and mark making. Using thread, ink, paper and paint, Suggs creates her obsessive geometric patterns. The obsessiveness of the pattern making can be hard to see as the finished pieces appear so delicate and subtle. Leigh is a recipient of the prestigious 2012-2013 North Carolina Arts Council Artist Fellowship Award and will be exhibiting at the Raleigh Contemporary Art Museum in 2014. She is currently working toward her MFA at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA where she has also received the Graduate Teaching Fellowship.