Marcelle Harwell Pachnowski

Collaboration by Marcelle Harwell Pachnowski

“Collaboration” by Marcelle Harwell Pachnowski

Marcelle Harwell Pachnowski created “Collaboration” as a special gift for Capitol Broadcasting on behalf of the four local arts councils benefited by the Big Night In For the Arts fundraiser.  CBC and WRAL-TV hosted and produced the event, which was televised and live-streamed in March 2020, raising over $350,000.  Pachnowski took part in the production, creating five original pieces based on the musical and spoken word performances during the one-hour event.

Pachnowski creates all of her artwork to music.  For “Collaboration” she listened to all of the performances from Big Night In For the Arts again and mentally relived the experience.  “Collaboration” is painted on paper with mixed media: acrylics, conte crayons, pastels and colored pencils.

Pachnowski has exhibited globally and her artwork can be found in numerous collections including the Malt Beach Art Center in Tampere, Finland; the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC; the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn, NY; the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Department in Los Angeles, CA; and numerous private collections.  She taught at the University of Maryland, Western Carolina University, Columbus College, Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Gibbes Museum School in Charleston, SC, and Baltimore School of the Arts in MD.

A visual artist for over 40 years, Pachnowski has resided in locales across the United States, many of these settings and cultures influence her works.  She is an advocate of the arts and has launched formal Arts Councils at the county levels to promote working artists and secure artists-in-residence at public schools.

“Painting is my passion,” she says in her Artist’s Statement.  “My painting is ritualistic intuitive dance.  The act of painting is: rhythmic movement, bursts and splashes of color, the lyrical gesture, the process of selecting the colors that are intuitively selected through the phenomenon entitled ‘synesthesia’…literally seeing colors when I hear music.  I have experienced this all my life.  At first unconsciously, then once becoming aware of this gift, I have been able to channel my synesthesia in all my painting creating contemplative frenzy through very colorful exuberant interpretations that become an energetic, fascinating, gestural dance of color, texture and movement.”

She continues, “I am constantly dealing with my private demons, obsessions, phobias, nightmares, compulsions and experiences.  Heartache, grief, loss, pain, joy love, lust, excitement…everything is an influence on my work.  As I age, more and more life experiences influence my painting.”