Mia Yoon

'Spectrum #3' by Mia Yoon

“Spectrum #3” by Mia Yoon

Mia Yoon was born in Seoul, South Korea. Moving to New York in the 1970’s to pursue a career in art, she studied at The Arts Students League from 1975-1980 and the Pratt Institute in 1979. Yoon has been living and working in Raleigh since early 2000. “The most important elements of Yoon’s work is incorporating line and geometry, and manipulating the sense of light with colors to the point of creating an optical sensation or illusion. In the minimalist tradition, an absence of narrative makes way for material and form to communicate, and color itself becomes the subject matter. When viewers approach the work, the textured surfaces and the physicality of each dome enhance the fact that it is all hand made. The irregular shapes and the delicate precision of each color make Yoon’s process and intended concepts join as one. Viewers may experience the true value of colors and their relationships as arranged in a gradation. Associations with mass-produced products come about partly because the colors appear to be store-made, straight from the tube, such as cadmium red. However, the colors are a mix of different colors, created over the course of several layers. For example, by adding green to a predominantly yellow dome, the completed shade of yellow seems to glow from within. The many layers of oil paint suffuse each color with light. Yoon enables the value of each color to progress through a full spectrum that, together, composes the wall installation. One of her biggest challenges in completing the piece was replicating the colors for consistency from one dome to the next.”- Shana Dumont Garr

In all of her installations, she plays with the idea of our perception of space, trying to create a sense of vibration by using colors and subtle changes to create attraction and repellency. Her goals are to workwithin and to conceptualize the space, and to transform it beyond its limitations. The resulting installations are an experiment with spatial illusionism and physical sensation created by lines and colors.