Disaster Relief

Capitol Broadcasting Company recognizes what impact its vast broadcasting networks can have on our community, and uses them to help provide critical information in times of disaster and need. For many years, CBC has responded to disaster relief efforts both here and across the country. Whether it is a hurricane, flood, tornado or national crisis, CBC uses its media outlets (radio stations, radio networks, television stations, and web sites) to provide around the clock coverage and emergency information, such as shelter locations, what stores were open, and where food, water, and ice could be found in many North Carolina counties.

disasterrelief1CBC also uses its vast marketing networks to help raise money and goods for disaster victims and relief agencies, including the Salvation Army, the Interfaith Food Shuttle, The Durham Rescue Mission, and The Red Cross. CBC raised over $1 million through WRAL-TV for the “Project Rebuild” campaign in the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd. The station hosted a daylong relief effort for Hurricane Floyd Community Relief. Then in 2003, WRAL-TV, WRAL-FM and FOX 50 held a daylong “Hurricane Isabel Recovery” Donation Dive, filling five tractor trailers with food, cleaning supplies, paper goods and bottled water collected at the event.

WRAL-TV also stepped in to help victims across the globe with “Crisis In Kosovo: North Carolina Reaches Out.” The award-winning documentary special gave viewers an opportunity to call in donations. The broadcast brought in over $150,000 for the victims in Kosovo.

After the horrific terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, DC, on September 11, 2001, all of CBC’s Triangle stations stepped in with a “Relief for America” effort. Volunteers from WRAL-TV, WRAL-FM, FOX 50 and the Durham Bulls collected donations in person at three drop-off locations in the Triangle, and wral.com took donations online. In all, the CBC stations and ball club raised over $500,000 for the America Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Many CBC divisions also rose to the call after a tsunami devastated many parts of South Asia in December 2004. Through WRAL’s Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund for the American Red Cross, several CBC stations raised over $200,000 to help with the recovery, and the Durham Bulls dedicated proceeds from a day-long ticket sales event to the effort as well.

CBC and WRAL created a historic broadcast to help the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes in 2013, airing the North Carolina School of the Arts’ production of the musical “Oklahoma” in a commercial-free, prime time broadcast. The program aired simultaneously on WRAL-TV and UNC-EX, NC’s public television educational channel, stations across the state, raising over $94,000 for the tornado victims.