WRAL Unveils New Weather Technology

WRAL Unveils New Weather Technology

On Monday, May 5th, WRAL-TV unveiled it’s new Doppler 5000. WRAL’s Doppler 5000 premiered as the first live Doppler television radar in the Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville market, allowing WRAL Weather Center meteorologists to provide live weather data to viewers.

Doppler 5000 provides the technology for internet users to view live radar images.

Meteorologist Chris Thompson prepares the forecast using Doppler 5000.

In the past WRAL used radar information provided by the National Weather Service’s Doppler radar. While that system provided reliable information, the information was six minutes old when received in the Weather Center. With the new Doppler 5000, WRAL meteorologists can see weather as it happens without the six minute delay. With this live information feed, they can provide more advanced warnings that could save lives.

With 4.75 million watts of radar power, Doppler 5000 can zero in to the exact location of a storm, displaying what time a storm will hit a particular neighborhood.

The Doppler 5000 transmits data from inside an 18-foot dome located on a new tower at the Auburn Transmitter Park.

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