Renovations at Western Boulevard

Renovations at Western Boulevard

Renovations at the WRAL-TV studios on Western Boulevard are underway. The first major undertaking: to relocate the massive 300 ft. tower. (We had to move it “a little to the right.”) Actually, it was moved into the parking area behind Studio A. The old tower is scheduled to come down by the end of June.

Construction is slated to begin in June 1998 and we anticipate the project to be completed by the end of the year 2000. The project is to be done in stages, starting with the construction of the new studio building (#7), followed by the renovation of the existing studio (#10) and corporate offices (#13). The garden expansion and public facilities (#8) will be next, with the winter greenhouse complex (#1, #2, #3, and #4) completing the project.

The current plans just provide a hint at how spectacular the new facility will be. Please keep in mind that these plans and dates are subject to change.

WRAL TV Renovation Plans – As of May, 1998 Click on the area name below for a larger view of that particular section.

Winter Greenhouse Complex Outdoor Studio
Plaza with Fountain Entry Plaza and Fountain
Reflecting Pool TV Station
2 Story Garden Studio Western Boulevard
Fountain Main Entrance
Lawn Corporate Offices
TV Studio Future Office Site

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