FOX Up and Running in Durham, NC

FOX Up and Running in Durham, NC

WRAZ (FOX 50) is now firmly entrenched at DiamondView in Durham. Fox 50 made its debut 10:00 news cast on Saturday, August 1 to a crowd of onlookers, staff, fans, and clients. To celebrate this new era in news, Fox held a launch party at their new offices in Durham.

Guests were entertained by musicians and offered plenty of things to eat to help pass the time until the news cast. In keeping with Fox’s fall line-up, each food station reflected a different theme. For example, the X-Files served snacks in file cabinet drawers and briefcases; The Simpson’s room offered ice cream with numerous toppings; and the Ally McBeal corner served beverages in Manhattan glasses and plenty of pasta, all of which could be enjoyed while sitting at a candle-lit table.

Homer and Bart greeted guests at the door.

A swinging jazz band played all night in the Diamond View Lobby.

The flowers added a nice touch to the other decorations.

The Simpsons’ room offered ice cream and toppings.

You placed your X-Files beverage orders with him (who ever he was)!

The Alley McBeal corner catered to the more sophisticated tastes.
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