Annual Azalea Celebration Adds Beauty to the Community

Annual Azalea Celebration Adds Beauty to the Community

Each October, Capitol Broadcasting Company’s Annual Azalea Celebration gives away over 10,000 azalea plants to nonprofit groups. The hope is that come spring, both the plants and people’s environmental awareness will begin to bloom.

CBC Horticulture staff helps recipients get their azalea plants.

This event began 13 years ago as one way for CBC to give back to the community. Now, 130,000 plants later, this tradition continues to help beautify the environment. This year, 173 nonprofit groups received plants. Another part of the Azalea Celebration is the A. J. Fletcher Award, which gives a $500.00 cash donation to a past Azalea Celebration recipient.. This year’s winner is the Longview School in Raleigh for its emphasis on environmental education for students. Teacher Paul Taperek says the students remember helping plant the azaleas.

“When we go out in the springtime and all these flowers are blooming, they come back and they say, ‘I remember when I planted that,’ and that’s something that a lot of kids don’t get out of school,” said teacher Paul Taperek.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners. If you would like more information on the Azalea Celebration, check out the WRAL Gardens web page at

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