Ben Waters to Serve as the United Arts Council Campaign 2000 Chair

Ben Waters to Serve as the United Arts Council Campaign 2000 Chair

Ben Waters, Vice President of Administration for CBC, has been selected to chair the United Arts Council Campaign 2000 fund raising drive. Ben will be working with members of the Development Council: Myra Lee (First Citizens); Rob Hoak (First Union National Bank); Ken Marsh (Wachovia Bank); Ginny Dineley (SAS); Allen Reep; Barbara Manne; Brad Phillips; VR Ramanan; and Ron Raxter.

CBC has been a staunch supporter of the United Arts Council since its inception and set up one of the first employee contribution programs in the area. In 1998, CBC employees contributed $8400 and CBC matched $3196 for a combined total of $11, 596. In 1999, CBC employees contributed $14,763, CBC matched $2,184 and CBC corporate donated $5000, for a total contribution of $21,947.

The United Arts Council works with all eleven towns in Wake County to help them bring artists into their communities. Over 500,000 people enjoy the benefits of United Arts programs and those programs supplied by organizations that receive United Arts grants each year. Two specific examples include:

  • Provides the Artists-In-Schools program in over 90 Wake County public, private and charter schools;
  • Provides teachers with training on using the arts in their classrooms through two programs: A Journey Through the Arts and Creative Explorations, a partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

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