Dubba Dubba the Fun!

Dubba Dubba the Fun!

The Dubba Bus arrived in style, stopping at the “Come See Me Festival” last April in Rock Hill, SC (WFVT’s city of license), the largest and longest festival in the Charlotte region. Michigan J. Frog, The Animaniacs, and Jeff Johnson, Club STV’s spokesperson, dubba’d through the streets with the Dubba Dance cranking and piping bubbles into the crowd. The bus was definitely the hit of the parade, and drew the crowds into the streets.

After the parade, the WB55 sales team hit the streets in Hollywood fashion. Local Sales Manager Jodi Sandate said, “Having the Dubba Bus at our station increased market awareness, employee morale, and revenue. Our sales presentations proved to be more effective on the Dubba Bus, and it gave our sales people a chance to get clients out of their environment and into ours. It loosened up the process and helped close some very important pieces of business.”

All in all, the Dubba Bus was a terrific experience, and the Charlotte area can’t wait for it to come back next fall.

The Animaniacs were a big hit with the kids.

The WFVT sales staff proudly shows off the Dubba Bus

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