WRAL-HD’s Digital Dynamos

WRAL-HD’s Digital Dynamos

RTNDA Communicator, a monthly publication by Radio-Television News Directors Association, published an article in their April 1999 issue called, “Digital Dynamos.” Written by Jill Geisler, it provides an in-depth look at the people behind WRAL-HD’s pioneering exploits into the world of HD. The article focuses on: Tom Beauchamp, director of engineering; Jay Jennings, photographer; Bill Leslie, anchor; Scott Mason, reporter/producer; Richard Adkins, chief photographer; John Greene, VP; John Harris, news director; and Jim Goodmon, CEO.

Through interviews and personal perceptions, Giesler does a great job of defining just what HD is, describing WRAL’s efforts to bring it into mainstream America, and previewing what HD will mean to local broadcasters (especially for the news staff) in the future.

Click on the pages below and read what American’s true digital pioneers predict to be in store for news rooms across the country.


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