CBC “Thanks” All Who Helped with the Pan Am Bid Committee’s Visit to the Triangle

CBC “Thanks” All Who Helped with the Pan Am Bid Committee’s Visit to the Triangle

Capitol Broadcasting Company would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who served on the The North Carolina Bid Committee – 2007 and all of their assistance showcasing North Carolina to the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) visit, which took place September 17 through September 20. Over 250 people were involved in making sure North Carolina put its best face forward and demonstrated that this area would be the best place to host the 2007 Pan American Games.

USOC staff and members of the Site Selection Task Force were shown proposed sports venues in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Southern Pines, Southport, Lillington, Sanford, and Creedmore, as well as the proposed Athlete Village at NC State University, and the proposed Press and International Broadcast Center, to be located in the Raleigh Convention Center. They also attended a Protocol Function, hosted by Jim and Barbara Goodmon at their home.

The NC bid consisted of 18 different themes put together by committees in the following areas:

Theme 1 – National, Regional and Bid City Characteristics:
Gary O. Bartlett, Bill Cobey, Donna Gigliotti, Charles Krautler, Craig Lloyd, Brad Phillips, Harvey Schmitt, Conni Tucker, A. John Vogt

Theme 2 – Legal:
Laura Crowson, William Gammon, Marshall Happer, Fred D. Hutchison, Tom McCormick, Robert A. Sar, Cathy Stuart

Theme 3 – Customs and Immigration Formalities:
Ron Acker, Donna Gigliotti, Dr. Adam Grow, Dr. Andy Mixon, Kurt J. Olson, Andrew Ritter ,Harvey Schmitt, Conni Tucker, James Walsh

Theme 4 – Environmental Protection:
Ronald Baron, Ph.D. Paul Bierman-Lytle, Amos Dawson, Thomas Esqueda, Beth Graves, Robert Harper, Randee Haven-O’Donnell, Richard Hirsekorn, Barrett Kays, Benson Kirkman, Jan Sassaman

Theme 5 – Meteorological and Environmental Conditions:
Wayne Cornelius, Ph.D., Brian W. Potter, Dr. Sethu Raman, Harvey Schmitt, Conni Tucker

Theme 6 – Security:
Michael Allen, Roger Allen, Lawrence Brooks, Mitchell Brown, John R. Byrd, Hilton J. Cancel, Jim Carver, Brenda Chambers, Clarence Lewis, Teresa Littlejohn, Bernice Parker, D. E. Pettiford, W. R. Price, Jack Smith, Ralph Stephenson, Terry Stroud, Kevin Tyo, Melvin Vinson, R. B. Ward, Kevin Rex West, David A. Wulff

Theme 7 – Medical and Health Services:
Jim Albright, Kevin Cain, Hadley Callaway, M.D., Christopher Eney, Dave Gardner, Peter Morris, M.D., Flo Moses, Barry Pennell, Patricia Pinkley, Lori Robinson, Helen M. Berschneider, D.V.M., Kevin Speer, M.D.

Theme 8 – Program of 2007 Pan Am Games:
Arran Adams, Kyle Armentrout, Emma Bennett, Herbert L. Bodman, Bill Dooley, Jennifer Gilson, Chuck Hobgood, William Johnson, Jennifer Marchant, Mark Riggs

Theme 9 – General Sports Organizations:
Dave Aubel, Alex Beguinet, Herbert L. Bodman, Roderick Boyd, Mike Brint, Al Buehler, Todd Dudley, Jack Duncan, Clarence Fleming, David Fox, Mike Gaski, Kathleen Gleason, Linda Grensing, Sylvia Hatchell, Chuck Hobgood, David Horning, William Johnson, Sam Jordan, Kelly Key, Elisa Marshall, Ron Mattie, Paul Miller, Jim Murray, Jerome Perry, Antonio Pettigrew, David Poole, Brian Roberts, Rod Santomassimo, Karen Shelton, James “Bonecrusher” Smith, Sue Walsh Stankavage, Jan Stelma, Mac Travis, Guy Troy, Bert Weeks, Fred Wendelboe, Ingrid Wicker, Ruby Wooten, Wilburn Wooten

Theme 10 – Sports/Venues:
Lisa Beck, Herbert L. Bodman, Roderick Boyd, April Coble, Ron Crabtree, Ellen Culler, Tom D’Armi, Jack Duncan, Raiford Fulghum, Jeff Harkey, Sims Hinds, Chuck Hobgood, William Johnson, Jim McQueen, Glenn T. Petty, Edie Reynolds, Willie Scroggs, Eric Shuford, Linda Smith, Brinkley Wagstaff, Dottie Woodward, Bill Wynne, Shannon Yates

Theme 11 – Olympism and Culture:
Kymm Ballard, Doris Barksdale, Aura Camacho Maas, Mark Clark, Warren Davis, Naomi Feaste, Kay Fish, Anne Franklin, Jonathan Friedlander, Frank Gonzales, Charlene Grunwaldt, Margy Hege, John Herrera, Yvonne Holley, Michael Kanters, Margaret McGlohon, Diane Midness, Barry Pennell, Shellie Pfohl, Millie Ravenel, Allen Reep, Mark Riggs, AC Robbins, Beverly Rogers, Diane Sauer, Mike Teem, Gerard ter Wee, Lawrence Wheeler, Libby Wilcox, Wesley Wyatt

Theme 12 – Athlete Villages:
Tim Blair, Rebecca Casey, Paul Goldblatt, Gordan Grubb, Martha Harrell, Jim Hodges, Anne Light, Marie Mason, John Peterson, Joseph G. Pietrantoni, Mary Evelyn Zachar

Theme 13 – Accommodations:
Joe Blake, Reyn Bowman, Brenda Dempsey, Lenore Donaldson, D. Scott Dupree, Dave Heinl

Theme 14 – Transportation:
Michael Aguilar, Teresa Damiano, Tom Halleran, Juanita Shearer-Swink

Theme 15 – Technology:
Larry Barnes, Bird Blitch, William Cherry, Darryl Estes, Julie Honeycutt, Susan Owens, Jack Overacre, Ricardo Perez, Steve Redwine, Don Sutherland, Herman Valentine, Jo Ann Ward, Ken Whitfield

Theme 16 – Media:
Demming Bass, Rick Brewer, Tony Britt, Scott DuPree, Rick French, Suzanne Jamieson, Roger Krupa, Jim Lavery, Brian Maloney, Jim Person, Mark Riggs, Graham Wilson

Theme 17 – Finance:
Homer G. Duncan, Jr,. Jim Goodmon, R. Brooks Malone, Brian S. Orol, Franklin T. Roberts, Glenn Seitchek, Carol Swaim, Victor B. Taube, CPA

Theme 18 – Marketing/Fundraising:
J. Peter Anlyan, Beth Briggs, Jim Cain, Greg Carr, Debra Derr, Tom Fetzer, Jim Goodmon, Carol Greene, David Gwyn, George Habel, Jasmine Hightower, Mike Hill, Susan Johnson, Kennedy O’Herron, Michelle Rich, Bill Shore, Katherine Thomas, Mary-Ann Wilson, Smedes York

Several members of CBC’s staff were instrumental in pulling the event together, including:

  • Winkie La Force (President and CEO of the North Carolina Bid Committee – 2007) – CBC’s loaned executive to the bid; a
  • George Habel (VP and General Manager of Capitol Networks)- CBC’s staff representative to the fund-raising, finance and marketing committees
  • Mike Hill (VP and General Counsel)- served on the fundraising committee
  • Peter Anlyan (VP and General Manager of the Durham Bulls Baseball Club) – served as producer of the 18 individual “theme” presentations that were made to the committee
  • Libby Hamilton (Durham Bulls Baseball Club)- helped to coordinate the 18 theme presentations Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the visit
  • Susan Dahlin, Greg Clark, Jim Payne, Stephanie Beck and Tom Beauchamp (WRAL-TV) put together a custom HD demonstration

The United States Olympic Committee is expected to name the US host city on October 23. That city will have two years to expand and develop the US bid for the International Competition. The Pan American Sports Organization will announce the chosen host city and country in the year 2002.

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