Doppler and VIPIR Radar Work Together To Save Lives

Doppler and VIPIR™ Radar Work Together To Save Lives

Television meteorologists for decades have relied on conventional radar (the ability to show rain) as a tool in their regular broadcasts and during severe weather. With the development of sophisticated commercial radar, a new level of information and a new promise entered the marketplace…. the Doppler. Now in addition to showing the rain, we can show the winds associated with a storm. Sometimes, the display of winds is confusing to the viewer, but the Baron VIPIRTM resolves the problem.

WRAL-TV has purchased the Baron VIPIRTM system which analyzes every pixel of multiple Doppler radar and focuses your attention on where there are dangerous twisting winds. Now with real time radar images, velocity information is gathered 5-10 minutes quicker and encircles those areas of a storm that pose the greatest threat of heavy rain and dangerous winds.

Greg Fishel and the weather team now have an extra advantage with this new technology to warn viewers against dangerous twisting winds.

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