Durham Bulls Used As Example In “How A Minor League Baseball Team Operates”

Durham Bulls Used As Example In “How A Minor League Baseball Team Operates”

Ever wonder how a minor league baseball team operates? The Durham Bulls were recently featured on the web site www.howstuffworks.com, a unique site that tries to explain how stuff works, hence the name.

Howstuffworks.com receives over 825,000 visitors per month trying to figure out everything from engines to toilets and pagers to sports. And that is where the Durham Bulls come in.

In their story on “How a Minor League Baseball Team Works”, the author Debbie Selinsky, a senior editor at How Stuff Works and a former minor league baseball wife, features interviews with Bulls Mike Birling, assistant general manager and Brian Crichton, public relations director to help explain the topics raised in the story, which are:

  • What Is a Minor League Team? – their goals, structure, and number of games played;
  • History of the Minors – including the Negro leagues and the Durham Bulls;
  • How Does a Minor League Team Work as a Business? – interviews with Birling and Crichton;
  • It’s Also a Business! – a description of some of the numerous antics that have made the Bulls more than a sports event, but an entertainment event as well (the secret to the Bulls success);
  • Show Me the Money! – Birling discusses revenues of the Durham Bulls;
  • The Life of a Minor League Ballplayer – Birling gives a snapshot view into the player’s routine;
  • Working at the Ballpark – Crichton talks about the numerous seasonal opportunities with baseball

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