Internet Helps Satellite Business

Internet Helps The Satellite Business

The prevailing question over the last year has been: “Aren’t you afraid the Internet will hurt or replace your business?”

According to Joe Amor, VP & GM, Microspace, downlinks have increased almost four times since they began using the Internet in 1993. In 1993, they added another full-time satellite transponder to their host of services. In the fall of 1996, they added a second transponder of service, called VELOCITY. In just over two years they’ve sold out of the VELOCITY transponder. What does all this mean? Since 1993, when Internet usage became prevalent, their satellite capacity has increased 400 percent.

All of these Internet related benefits are helping promote Microspace’s growth. Moreover, a good deal of their newer customers are using IP over the satellite. It works very well in a broadcast environment.

Therefore, the simple answer is:
The Internet is helping Microspace.

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