Kara Lusk – A “Cobra” Ready To Strike

Kara Lusk – A “Cobra” Ready To Strike

Kara Lusk
WRAL-TV News Writer

Kara Lusk, a news writer for WRAL-TV5, was selected to become a member of the Cobra Dancer cheerleading squad of the Carolina Cobra Football team. The Cobras are part of a new sport called Arena Football. While similar in most respects to its more traditional counterpart, Arena Football has a faster pace and higher scores, as both teams combine to score more than 100 points a game. In the NFL, the teams combined average is usually only 41.

The Cobra Dancers are supposed to dance and cheer in the sidelines during the football games and perform at

time-outs and half-times. Over 100 women attended a one-day try-out on Sunday, February 20. There, they learned several dances. Cuts were made throughout the day. At the end of the day, the finalists were interviewed by a panel of judges, who selected the final team members.

” I was so thrilled to make the team!”, Lusk said. “I have danced and cheered all my life. I really missed dancing and had been wanting to get back into it.”

Lusk’s credentials include the UNC Dance Team “The High Kicking Heels” (from 1992-1996) and, while she doesn’t have a photo in the official uniform yet, is ready to strike.

Lynda Loveland, FOX50 news anchor, was a judge. She said, “They had a short time to remember a pretty long and difficult routine. Kara, I believe, knew more of it than most. She survived several cuts to make it to the end. What stood out about Kara was her enthusiasm and pep. Everyone was blown away by her energy.”


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