Pam Saulsby and Todd Cohen Serve On Non-Profit Media Panel

Pam Saulsby and Todd Cohen Serve On Non-Profit Media Panel

Capitol Broadcasting Company’s Pam Saulsby, WRAL TV5 News Anchor, and AJ Fletcher Foundation’s Todd Cohen, publisher for the Nonprofitexpress, appeared on a media panel at the Sheraton Imperial in RTP, NC. The panel was there to discuss ways to help members of non-proft organizations communicate more effectively with the media. Also serving on the panel was Carol Frye, the banking and finance reporter for the News and Observer Newspaper.

This session was the third in a year-long information series sponsored by that cover topics related to improving media relations and communications.

Media Panel (left to right) Pam Saulsby, WRAL TV; Rebecca Antonelli,; Carol Frye, News and Observer; and Todd Cohen, AJ Fletcher Foundation.
The panel members represented the television, newspaper and online industries, and offered tips and suggestions on the best ways for non-profit organizations to get their messages to the media. Panelists covered topics such as what type of information to include in their news releases, how to contact the media, when to contact the media, and what the best time is to schedule a news conference. is an online PR resource for small to medium sized businesses. Founded by Rebecca Antonelli, offers its clients an affordable yet very effective way to get their message (via a news release) to the media.

Carol Frey, News and Observer, and Todd Cohen,, prepare their presentations.

Rebecca Antonelli,, introduces WRAL TV5 News Anchor Pam Saulsby.

The three panelists (from left to right): Pam Saulsby, WRAL TV5; Carol Frey, News and Observer; and Todd Cohen,
Members from a broad range of non-profit organizations, such as the NC Natural History Museum and Toastmasters listened attentively to the panelists.

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