WRAL-HD Selects JVC’s Digital-S As Its Primary Tape Format

WRAL-HD Selects JVC’s Digital-S As Its Primary Tape Format

From a January article in Television Broadcast Online Weekly

JVC Professional Products Company has announced that WRAL-HD, based in Raleigh, NC, has selected JVC’s Digital-S as its primary tape format.

The station’s owner, Capitol Broadcasting of Raleigh, recently purchased 26 pieces of Digital-S equipment to be split between WRAL and its sister station, WRAZ-TV, Durham, a soon to be Fox affiliate. Capitol Broadcasting chose JVC’s Digital-S 4:2:2 format to drive both stations and purchased 15 BR-D80 Digital-S edit recorders; seven BR-D350 Digital-S players; two Digital-S BR-D51 S-VHS feeder players; one BR-D40 Digital-S dockable recorder; and one BR-D85 Digital-S recorder with pre-read. WRAL-HD was already equipped with W-VHS, JVC’s high definition line of equipment.

John Green, vice president for Capitol Broadcasting, special products and HDTV, said that as the station planned to move to digital, JVC’s Digital-S emerged as a logical solution. Because WRAL-HD cannot currently broadcast into consumer living rooms, the station signs on every morning and signs off every afternoon to test its signal, and functions at this juncture as a mobile HDTV unit.

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