Two CBC’ers To Serve On Media And The Courts Forum

Two CBC’ers Serve On Media And The Courts Forum

Two Capitol Broadcasting Company employees, Matt Willoughby, North Carolina News Network (NCNN), and Tom Allen, Corporate, have been asked to serve on the state Supreme Court Chief Justice’s Media and the Courts Forum to be held in late spring 2000. The purpose of the forum is to discuss a fair trial and a free press. It was just such a forum that led to cameras in the courtroom in North Carolina.

Matt Willoughby

Tom Allen

In a letter to Willoughby, the Chief Justice writes that he wants to create a better understanding and working relationship among journalists, judges and court officials. At this, their first meeting, forum members are supposed to discuss the possibilities of establishing joint education programs between the courts and media. This has been a specific area of concern between these two groups, and this forum will hopefully find ways to improve their communications as well as identify other ways of enhancing their working relationship.

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