WRAL OnLine Now Available Via Cell Phone

WRALOnLine Now Available Via Cell Phone
by John Conway

WRAL-TV was one of the first stations to have a fully developed web site. WRAL OnLine also was one of the first stations to make its content available to Palm Pilot users. Now it is among the first — or perhaps the first — local TV station to deliver content to wireless phones with built-in web browsers.

The WRAL OnLine Wireless edition launched April 17. Wireless web users can point their phones to wap.wral-tv.com. News headlines, weather forecasts and current conditions, Triangle traffic reports and sports headlines are available 24 hours a day.

“Our strategy is to make WRAL’s local content available on as many platforms as possible,” said John Conway, WRAL’s director of new media. “We believe the number of web-enabled phones will grow dramatically in the next several years, and we want to be the premiere provider of local content to wireless customers.”

Palm Pilot

Because of the limited screen sizes on today’s wireless phones, the content is text driven and is brief. Future phones promise better displays and data transmission rates, possibly enabling video delivery to wireless phones. While there is no charge for the WRAL OnLine wireless content, some wireless providers do charge per-minute fees for web access. You can get more information at http://www.wral-tv.com/mobile.html

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