Rodin Special To Air on WRAL-TV

Rodin Special To Air On WRAL-TV

“Rodin: A Man of Passion” will air this Saturday, August 5, at 7:30pm on WRAL-TV. Produced by UNC-TV and edited for presentation on WRAL by TV5’s Local Production Senior Producer Phyllis Parish and Chief Photographer Bob Sadler, the program focuses on the life and works of French sculptor Auguste Rodin and how the North Carolina Museum of Art brought his works to Raleigh. Many of his works are currently on display at the NC Museum of Art as part of the Triangle’s cultural arts event, Festival Rodin.

Auguste Rodin
early works

UNC-TV’s special originally ran 23 minutes, but needed to be expanded to fit WRAL’s half-hour format. For this re-broadcast, Parish came up with the idea of adding commercial breaks to sell to clients who had already purchased WRAL’s “Rodin Vignette” packages. The Velvet Cloak became the sponsor for this special presentation thanks to the salesmanship of WRAL Sales Account Executive Chrissy Swertfeger. The original “Vignette” packages were sold to help promote the exhibit and provide educational information to viewers. Vignettes have more content about a topic, in this case Rodin and his work, than the client’s business. Basically, the client sponsors the vignette, which is then tagged, or ended, with a quick mention of the sponsoring client. The Velvet Cloak and Cisco are two such sponsors. WRAL’s local production department has been responsible for creating these spots.

In addition to preparing “Rodin: A Man of Passion” for airing, local production will be getting yet another chance to work on the Rodin exhibit. WRAL is testing a new Panasonic DVC-100 High Definition camera and is taking advantage of the majesty of the Rodin exhibit to try out the new film. Sadler and Parish are shooting and editing the project, which will be aired only on WRAL-DT, channel 53, because it is in high definition. WRAL will also provide copies of the HD footage to Panasonic and the NC Museum of Art.

Parish said, “I have already toured the exhibit and the sculpture is simply breathtaking! To think hunks of marble and bronze have been turned into these splendid sculptures is truly amazing! And all of Rodin’s work is so life-like . . . you look at these works and you feel

Auguste Rodin
with “The Hand of God”

emotions we’ve all felt . . . love, passion, pain. I’m very excited about the chance to shoot these masterpieces with our industry’s very latest technology, a high definition camera!”

The Rodin Exhibit at the NC Museum of Art is part of Festival Rodin, a 17-week festival of art, culture, theater, dance, music and museums, and is a celebration of the arts in the Triangle. The exhibition ends on Sunday, August 13.


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