Schenck and Ward Appointed To Prevent Child Abuse NC Board

Schenck and Ward Appointed To Prevent Child Abuse NC Board

Two members of the Capitol Broadcasting family are broadening the community support so important to their employer. FOX 50 General Manager Tommy Schenck and LTVS Project Coordinator Valerie Ward have been voted onto the Board of Directors for Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, Inc (PCA).

Tommy Schenck

FOX 50
General Manager

Both Schenck and Ward were delighted with their appointment. When approached by a business assosciate about an upcoming vacancy on the Board, Schenck said, “I have never worked with them before, but obviously thought it was a great cause.”

Ward had been volunteering for the March of Dimes for over five years and said she was “looking for a new volunteer opportunity that dealt with children’s issues and but provided a different focus.” She met a current board member at a social event and the association grew from there.

Valerie Ward

LTVS Project Coordinator

Board members are expected to serve on one committee, to contribute financially to PCA’s fundraising efforts, and to assist with appropriate fundraising campaigns. In addition, the board member is also expected to attend several daylong strategic planning retreats throughout their terms.

Founded in 1979 by group of concerned citizens, PCA’s mission is to create a world in which every child is free from abuse and neglect, and safely nurtured by a loving family. They strive to serve as the catalyst in

effectively informing and influencing the public’s attitudes and behaviors about child abuse prevention through public awareness, advocacy, and public policy initiatives. It is the only statewide not-for-profit organization with the mission of ending child abuse in North Carolina.

PCA seeks to prevent child abuse through education and awareness. Statistics show that a child is abused or neglected in North Carolina every five minutes. 25-40 children die each in year in our state as a result of abuse, and the number of children reported as abused and neglected has been steadily increasing, by approximately 10% each year for the past three years. 85% of the time the perpetrator of child abuse and neglect is a biological parent.

Statistics also show that parents who were abused as children are 6 times as likely to abuse their own kids. PCA offers preventative services to parents, striving to stop the cycle of abuse and to prevent new cycles from beginning. Rather than simply treating a disease, PCA works to stop child abuse before it happens.

Capitol Broadcasting has been a financial sponsor for several PCA fundraising efforts. Ward is currently helping with PCA’s next fundraiser, “Taste of Salsa.” The event will be held on Friday, September 15, from 8:00-11:00 pm at the Longview-Poe House in Raleigh. “Taste of Salsa” will feature a live Latin jazz band, dance instruction, beverages, food and a raffle. The admission fee is $20 in advance, $25 at the door. PCA hopes to raise enough money to cover the yearly cost of their two 24-hour toll-free help lines that are available to parents and professionals throughout North Carolina.

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