CBC Distributes Azaleas In Annual Celebration

CBC Distributes Azaleas In Annual Celebration

Capitol Broadcasting Company (CBC) held its 15th annual Azalea Celebration Giveaway on Saturday, October 7, 2000, at WRAL’s transmitter site. CBC’s Property Management Department distributed about 10,250 azaleas to this year’s recipients, 131 non-profit groups.

CBC Property Management’s entire staff was on hand to help distribute the plants.

Non-profit organizations are eligible for the giveaway program. Most entrants are from the WRAL viewing area. WRAL-TV, MIX 101.5 and Keep North Carolina Clean and Beautiful (KNCCB) sponsor the event in order to promote the enhancement of community appearance. The giveaway strives to “establish a continuous, well-maintained project for their community to enjoy and emulate.”

This year, about 10,250 azaleas were distributed.

Cuttings for the azaleas come from WRAL plants.

Left to right: Gil Decker (CBC), Dina Reynolds (CCCA), Jane Rogers (KNCCB), Mary & Jim Schoonard (CCCA).
Each year CBC presents the A.J. Fletcher Award to the organization that received azaleas in the giveaway at least three years prior and has best enhanced its surroundings with the plants. This year the honor went to the Chatham County Council on Aging (CCCA) in Pittsboro. They received 100 additional azaleas, $500 from CBC for their organization and a
recognition plaque. All azalea giveaway recipients become eligible for the award the third year after receiving azaleas. Corporate Horticulturist/Property Manager Gil Decker personally visits each entrant to view their landscaping.

CBC President and CEO Jim Goodmon started the annual event in 1985 with the goal of beautifying the community and introducing new and unusual varieties of azaleas. There has been such a demand for the azaleas that with this year’s giveaway CBC has given away over 150,000 plants.

CBC Founder A.J. Fletcher first introduced the azalea garden at the WRAL-TV site in 1958-59. Cuttings for the azalea celebration are exclusively from WRAL plants.

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