NCNN Hosts Visitors From China

NCNN NCNN Hosts Visitors From China

Visitors from China observed NCNN’s coverage of the U.S. election in November. (Left to right) NCNNNews Director Ellen Reinhardt, translator Ms. Li, Mr. Shaoren He, Mr. Gaotian Chen & (seated) NCNN News Producer Sondra Artis.

NCNN Visitors From China Visitors from China came to the North Carolina News Network to study our media’s coverage of the 2000 election. Little did they know our election would be such an interesting one to watch.

On 8 November 2000, (the day after Election Day), two staffers of the National People’s Congress visited the NCNN newsroom. The National People’s Congress is to the People’s Republic of China what the U.S. Congress is to the United States. They were interested in the election process

and media coverage of it. The two men, who were researchers, visited the NCNN newsroom and its legislative bureau. They also visited the United States Congress and the United Nations.

NCNN News Director Ellen Reinhardt: “We appreciate the interest in the North Carolina News Network. It has been a fascinating election and we enjoyed sharing our perspective on it with the Chinese delegates.”

NCNN News Producer Sondra Artis volunteers with the International Visitors Council in the Research Triangle Park. That organization coordinated their visit to our newsroom. The IVC is a private, non-profit organization that arranges itineraries for international professionals.


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