Microspace Illuminates A Telstar

Microspace Illuminates A Telstar

Microspace Communications continues to experience strong growth and on Friday, December 1st they took a little time to celebrate. At 10:00am Microspace flipped the switch on its transponder on the new Loral Telstar 4 satellite and those who made the illumination possible were on hand to witness the moment.

Microspace expanded its overall satellite capacity with the link to Loral’s Telstar 4. The expansion is a direct result of the success of Microspace’s VELOCITY. Microspace has tripled their bandwidth for VELOCITY since launching the service in late 1996. The illumination also marks the first time Microspace has used a Loral satellite for the VELOCITY service; the earlier VELOCITY capacity is on GE satellites.

Microspace’s control central.

The last celebration for activating new satellite capacity was on October 1, 1996, the initial day that VELOCITY was activated on the GE-1 satellite. Since then Microspace has illuminated several additional transponders, but with little fanfare. Each illumination is symbolic of the continued growth at the satellite service provider. Microspace Vice President & General Manager Joe Amor decided it was time to stop and recognize the significance of such a milestone.

Amor said, “I am very proud of the people of Microspace. We continue to take care of our existing customer base, as we expand into new markets. A good deal of this expansion is in new applications, so our people are required to continually learn. Their desire to

Microspace’s transponder for Telstar 4.

Vice President & General Manager Joe Amor announces the illuminating of the transponder.

improve daily operations, while working at a feverish pace to stay on the forefront of technologies is invigorating. It is a great environment to be a part of.”

Microspace announced in September that it had tripled its transponder capacity using Loral’s Telstar 4 satellite; that capacity had already been doubled in 1999. The Loral Telstar 4 satellite offers full 50-state coverage as well as a strong Caribbean footprint.

VELOCITY is a high-bandwidth, point to multi-point service that uses satellite-based MPEG2/DVB technology to deliver digital video and high-speed data for business applications reliably and cost-effectively.

Microspace Operations Asst. Carla Torrence & Accounting Manager Terri Woods discuss the illumination with Loral’s Mark Morgan.

Loral’s Director of Sales Liz Walsh (center left) & Director of Customers Service Mark Morgan (center right) joined Microspace employees for the celebration.

Loral representatives & Microspace employees watch as the switch is flipped.

(left to right) Carol Zimmerman, Felisha Gainey, Paula McGraw, Bonnie Southard & Terri Woods enjoy the breakfast feast set out for the event.

A crowd gathered in the conference room for the celebration.

Microspace’s John Bimrose (right) join DTVPlus’ Sam Matheny (center) & Todd Aubin (left) for a little morning business discussion.

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