CBC and accessDTV Collaborate To Market New Technology

CBC and accessDTV Collaborate To Market New Technology

CBC subsidiary DTV Plus has been in the test stages for the past several years, but its technology is about to hit the market. Thanks to collaboration between CBC and accessDTV, digital video and data-ready PC tuners will hit the Raleigh-Durham market beginning this summer, thus DTV Plus’ introduction to the commercial market.

The executives of each group met to sign their agreement in May 2001: (left to right) CBC VP of HD John Greene, accessDTV COO Doug Leech, CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon, accessDTV President & CEO Dewey Weaver, and DTV Plus General Manager Sam Matheny.

The association between CBC and accessDTV began with CBC’s initial investment into the start-up. Now the relationship will provide a way to bundle the services of accessDTV and DTV Plus and begin the roll out of the service to the public. The companies are also working together to enlist other stations along with WRAL-TV and WRAL-DT in the technology.

accessDTV’s digital television receivers went on the market in late March 2001 via the internet. The datacasting card will roll out later this

summer; they are currently being developed from research done in DTV Plus’ pilot project.

The digital television receivers enable viewers to watch digital television on their personal computers. The data casting cards will enable them to receive a constant stream of data via antenna, rather than through slow internet connections. The current data stream consists of information from wral.com, detailed local weather information, and more.

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