Charlotte Market Moves Up In Nielsen Rankings

Charlotte Market Moves Up In Nielsen Rankings

CBC television stations WJZY (UPN46) and WWWB (WB55) are now a part of the nation’s 27th largest TV market. Nielsen Media Research recently announced that the 20-county Charlotte market has passed Hartford, CT, in the number of television households, thus moving from 28th to 27th in the rankings.

Increased viewership and the results of the 2000 Census are two factors that accounted for the change. An estimated 954,000 homes with televisions are now in the Charlotte market, an area spanning from the Virginia state line to Chester County, SC. Ten years ago Charlotte was the 31st largest national TV market.

“The market grew by about 50,000 TVHH (Television Households) from 904,000 to 954,000. With the increase in TV households and increase in demos (demos to be announced by Nielsen later this year) it means that our advertisers are reaching a larger number of viewers,” explained WJZY General Sales Manager Ted Fortenberry. “More viewers means the advertisers should pay higher rates. Although it may not happen overnight, we can certainly justify a certain percentage rate increase based on the larger audience viewing their commercials.” WJZY/WWWB General Manager Linda Sherman agreed, “The buyers will put a little more money in the market.”

Nielsen measures television ratings nationally and has divided the country into 210 markets. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are the largest markets. Raleigh-Durham, home of CBC’s WRAL-TV (CBS) and WRAZ-TV (FOX50), is 29th.

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