Charlotte Station Provides School Supplies

Charlotte Station Provides School Supplies

Students headed to school prepared thanks to WB55.

Charlotte’s WB teamed up with Prudential Carolinas Realty to collect school supplies for kids living in Charlotte public housing. These children come from single-parent homes with annual incomes of $6,000 or less. For many of these kids, this will be the first time they begin school with new supplies.

“Our goal was to provide not only school supplies to children that need them, but to give them some self-esteem and a sense of pride as they start the new school year,” said WWWB Public Affairs Producer Kish Woodward.

WWWB ran PSAs for a few weeks and put a donation box in their lobby for employees to contribute items. Volunteers from the station helped distribute the supplies to the children during a party at the Charlotte Housing Authority Thursday, August 9.

Weston helped distribute supplies as well.

WB55’s (left to right) Linda Sherman, Kish Woodward & Cindy Stallings helped distribute the supplies.

WB55’s Daimon Weston helps a youngster check out her new notebooks.

Supplies of all kinds were collected.

WB55 handed out the goodies at the Charlotte Housing Authority.

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