FOX 50 Will Not Air Temptation Island 2

FOX 50 Will Not Air Temptation Island 2

WRAZ-TV has decided to preempt this fall’s broadcast of Temptation Island 2.

“We do not have confidence in the screening process used to select the program participants,” said Tommy Schenck, WRAZ-TV General Manager. “We have not been reassured that the concerns we had with the initial run of Temptation Island or Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire have been resolved.”

Last January, WRAZ-TV preempted Temptation Island after learning that two of the contestants “tempted” to break up their relationship were the parents of a young child.

“Capitol Broadcasting will not support a program that makes light of the family institution in a ‘reality’ program,” said Schenck. “The program’s basic premise is to try to break couples up.” WRAZ-TV was the only FOX affiliate to preempt the FOX telecast of Temptation Island and Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire (February 15, 2000).

Temptation Island 2 premiered on other FOX stations across the country on Thursday, November 8, during primetime. FOX50 plans to run back to back re-run episodes of Seinfeld in its place.

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