Microspace Partners With IPricot North America

Microspace Partners With IPricot North America

Microspace Communications has added another name to its list of service-providing partners. In an announcement in early May, the satellite provider spelled out an agreement with IPricot North America, a leading satellite broadband communication equipment manufacturer.

IPricot’s IPr-S broadband router-receivers will enable prospective Microspace clients a means to receive the CBC subsidiary’s VELOCITY satellite service. “This partnership will provide the best data broadcasting services along with the reference in the satellite broadband communication equipment market for a complete end-to-end broadcast solution,” according to the two companies. Microspace provides the satellite time, and IPricot provides the equipment, sharing in the end-to-end solution.

With such strategic partnerships, Microspace can offer recommendations to its prospective clients, cutting out some of the leg-work for these clients by extensively researching and testing the compatibility of systems such as IPricot’s with those of Microspace. Such partnerships expedite sales for Microspace and the company’s with which they partner by providing clients with means of using the satellite services they purchase from Microspace.

“We are pleased to be associated with such an industry leader as Microspace and we believe this partnership will provide a perfect and economical solution for companies requiring high speed data delivery,” said Cyril Pernod, CEO of IPricot North America.

IPricot manufactures broadband communications equipment for digital TV networks over satellite, cable and wireless. Their smart networking devices optimize the delivery of data to end users in a customized manner. Headquartered in Paris, France, IPricot’s North American headquarters are in Montreal, Quebec.

A premiere Microspace service, VELOCITY has been so successful that the company has increased its transponder capacity several times since the service debuted in 1997.

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