WRAL NewsChannel Brings More News To Viewers

WRAL NewsChannel Brings More News To Viewers

WRAL-TV is already finding new uses for its 24-hour local NewsChannel. The station is taking advantage of the ability to simultaneously air regular programming or sports events that preempt regular newscasts while extended or regularly scheduled news takes place on another digital channel, digital channel 53.2 (via the air) or channel 256 (via Time Warner Digital Cable).

On August 14, the station broadcast the Midway Airlines press conference live from RDU Airport, while WRAL-TV Channel 5 carried regular afternoon programming. WRAL-TV Director of Special Projects John Harris said, “It was the first news event that we carried only on the NewsChannel, as opposed to simulcasting what WRAL-TV5 was carrying. We’ll do that more and more as we find news events that may not quite demand live coverage on Channel 5–but are perfect for coverage on the NewsChannel.” WRAL NewsChannel was the only station to carry the complete 20-minute press conference.

WRAL will use the NewsChannel in yet another new way this Sunday, August 19. They will produce a “NewsChannel-only” newscast at 6:00pm since an NFL game will preempt the regular newscast on WRAL-TV5. This will be the first such newscast for the station.

WRAL-TV premiered the state’s first 24-hour all local news channel on July 30 of this year. Local viewers can receive the station on WRAL-DT digital channel 53.2 via HD receivers and on channel 256 via Time Warner’s digital cable service.

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