WRAL-TV Sponsors Teaching Excellence Award

WRAL-TV Sponsors Teaching Excellence Award

The WRAL/JIFFY LUBE Teaching Excellence Award is a great method for our clients to partner with us for the good of the community.-Marian Bell

WRAL-TV and Jiffy Lube have partnered to recognize some of the excellent, hardworking teachers in the WRAL viewing area. Jiffy Lube ran a schedule in April encouraging viewers to nominate their favorite teachers; WRAL solicited the help of the NC PTA to judge the entries in May.

Brian Freeman (center), a first grade teacher at Peterson Elementary School in Red Springs in Robeson County receives his $1,000 check in a presentation last week.

Criteria for nominations included teachers who exhibit creativity and motivation, the ability to adapt teaching techniques to match different learning styles, and demonstrate special qualities, skills and a positive attitude.

Three winners were selected for 2001: Cindi Shaw from Douglas Elementary School in Raleigh, Meg Dossenbach from Apex Elementary School in Apex and Brian Freeman from Peterson Elementary School in Red Springs. “Each teacher was outstanding, well-deserving and thrilled to be chosen this year!” said WRAL-TV Sales Promotion Manager Marian Bell.

Each winning teacher received a $1,000 check from Jiffy Lube, and WRAL-TV is airing a promotional announcement in June,

Freeman (center) poses for WRAL-TV cameraman Dan Oliver with Red Springs Principal Penny Gibson and WRAL Account Executive Jim Moran.

featuring the three winners. Representatives from WRAL-TV and Jiffy Lube made the presentations at the schools the week of May 21.

Bell continued, “WRAL is proud to be associated with this annual campaign to recognize and reward outstanding teachers in our television viewing area. This was the first year that WRAL sponsored this event and it has been a very rewarding partnership.”

WRAL-TV’s Marian Bell helped steer the partnership..


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