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Bill Peterson Elected To CBS Affiliates Board

WRAL-TV Vice President and General Manager Bill Peterson has been named Secretary-Treasurer of the CBS Television Network Affiliates Association for a term that began January 1, 2001. Peterson was elected to the post at the board of directors meeting in October 2000.

The CBS Television Network Affiliates Association is made up of CBS television affiliate stations, and it promotes the welfare of the commercial television industry, CBS affiliates and the network. The association functions as a liaison between affiliates and network executives,

WRAL-TV Vice President & General Manager Bill Peterson
and represents affiliates in regulatory (FCC) and legislative (Congressional) issues. The Secretary-Treasurer office to which Peterson was elected is one of three members of the association’s executive committee, as it is presently constituted.

Peterson has been a member of the association’s board of directors since 1997, as a district representative for affiliates in the Southeast, and chairman of the association’s News Committee since 1998.

Other Capitol Broadcasting Company executives have been members of the CBS Television Network Affiliates Association board of directors including retired CBC executive Fred Barber and LTVS COO John Hutchinson.


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