YMCA Campers Learn The Ropes of STV

YMCA Campers Learn The Ropes of STV

Lions and tigers and eagles oh my!

Over a 4-day period, more than 200 Charlotte area YMCA campers and counselors visited WB55 and got a behind the scenes look at how STV (Student TeleVision) works. From the “Blue Angels” (the 5 & 6 year olds) to the “Eagles” (the 10, 11 & 12 year olds) everyone had a chance to get some hands on experience in a television studio.

STV Coordinator Dan Kerby taught the students about everything from camera operating to master control while STV Host Jeff Johnson talked with students about the importance of a good education, along with giving a few autographs.

A group of tigers posed for a shot in the editbox suite and the Blue Angels took the controls on a studio camera while others became on-air talents in front of the chroma key set.

After the tours, all campers enjoyed a picnic lunch on the lawn while getting STV & WB55 temporary tattoos.

STV Coordinator Dan Kerby teaches a few Blue Angels how to run the camera.

STV Host Jeff Johnson encourages YMCA campers to work hard in school.

Kerby has a Tiger camper show the group a 2000-watt light bulb used in the studio.

Tigers filled the WB55 edit box with Kerby (center.)

The Blue Angels group posed for a photo on the lawn of the station.

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