WRAL-TV Sponsors Home, Garden & Flower Show

WRAL-TV Sponsors Home, Garden & Flower Show

WRAL-TV is currently sponsoring the Home, Garden and Flower Show at the Civic Center in downtown Raleigh from Thursday, February 15 to Sunday, February 19. This is TV5’s second sponsorship of the annual event. The station is also hosting its own booth.

The Creation of An Indoor Garden…

Capitol Broadcasting’s Property Management staff plants and maintains the pansy borders, the spring tulips, the lush bermuda grass and all of the other flora at CBC’s various divisions. For the Home, Flower & Garden Show, the staff comes together to create an indoor garden.

The entire CBC Property Management staff works on the WRAL booth and surrounding garden.
Chris Coles, Noel Bryan & Wayne Ivey (left to right) plant trees to give the display some height.

Doug Kernodle prepares the garden for placement of more plants and flowers.
Wayne Ivey, Chris Coles & Tim Grissom (left to right) work on placement of CBC’s trademark azaleas.

Wayne Ivey evens out the gravel path.
CBC Property Management will give out 2,000 azalea cuttings during the Home, Flower & Garden Show.

Tim Grissom brings in the fill dirt.
Becky Harrison works raking out the flower beds.

WRAL-TV’s booth features on-air talent giving autographs on the weekend, and “Ask The Gardener” throughout the show. CBC Property Management employees are on hand to give gardening advice and to give away 2,000 azalea cuttings, 500 per day. Property Management built the 16×30 booth complete with a walkway in the shape of a “5” surrounding by planting areas. The booth also features an HD plasma screen showing HDTV and registration for $500 gift certificate from WA Home Furnishings.

The show runs 10:00am-9:00pm Thursday through Saturday and 10:00am-6:00pm on Sunday. Tickets are $4-$6.

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