One Year Online For Nonprofitxpress

One Year Online For Nonprofitxpress

Nonprofitxpress, the philanthropy news site under the umbrella of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation, celebrated an anniversary in February; the site has now been online for one year. To mark their first year on the web, Nonprofitxpress revamped its website and is gearing up to expand. The new and improved site relaunched on Thursday, February 22.

The staff responsible for Nonprofitxpress (left to right): Christine Cerny, Todd Cohen, Suzie Simpson & Kortni Ritter.
During Nonprofitxpress’s first year, the staff grew from one to four. Editor & Publisher Todd Cohen came up with the idea for the site along with AJFF Executive Director Tom McGuire and CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon. Cohen’s staff has now rounded out to include Chief Marketing Officer Christine Cerny, Advertising Sales Representative Suzie Simpson and Web Marketing Coordinator Kortni Ritter.

Nonprofitxpress redesigned the website to make it easer for visitors to access. The new design highlights stories about money, innovation, people and technology in the world of philanthropy and nonprofits, plus an opinion section. Nonprofitxpress also has added online chat and message boards and made it easier for readers to use its weekly email bulletin.

The publication was created to focus on philanthropic news about North Carolina and combine it with summaries of nonprofit news throughout the U.S. and abroad. Its mission is to help people understand, support and work in the nonprofit world, delivering news about philanthropy and nonprofits through a daily website and weekly email bulletin.

During its second year, Nonprofitxpress has plans for expansion. Using its North Carolina coverage as a model, Nonprofitxpress is talking with philanthropic groups in several states about adding local coverage for their regions.

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