CBC Provides Panelists For Local AWRT Chapter Meetings

CBC Provides Panelists For Local AWRT Chapter Meetings

Capitol Broadcasting supports American Women in Radio & Television (AWRT) in many ways. CBC’s Vice President of Human Resources Jan Sharp currently serves as President of the organization, Joanne Stanley and Corinne Hampton serve on the Board of Directors as chair and member of the Hospitality Committee, several other CBC employees are members and CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon is an AWRT Foundation Honorary Trustee. CBC helped start the Triangle Chapter two years ago and provides speakers/panelists for many of the AWRT monthly meetings.

In March, WRAL-TV News Director Andrea Parquet-Taylor joined a panel of local news directors to discuss local television news. When asked about showing controversial footage such as school shootings and about the debate over the Dale Earnhardt autopsy photos, Parquet-Taylor said, “We have discussions everyday in the newsroom regarding video and stories. There is a

Andrea Parquet-Taylor
WRAL-TV News Director

thought process behind the video that is used.” Parquet-Taylor also responded to questions about the pending Time Warner News station saying, “In television news, you should always be aware, but also be true to what you do best. At WRAL/WRAZ that is local news coverage. The Time Warner News will only make WRAL more committed to excellence in Local news coverage.”

A variety of other CBC employees have participated in AWRT meetings as presenters. In February, WRAL-FM Program Director Joe Wade Formicola stepped in as a last minute replacement for Marketing and Promotions Director Mary Hallow. He sat on a panel of area Radio Promotion Directors to discuss how their roles fit in the promotion of both the station and the station’s clients. VP & General Manager Ardie Gregory said, “To say he added ‘spark’ to the discussion is an understatement. I felt like the station was being represented by a combination of PT Barnum and Rodney Dangerfield. But God love him, there’s never a dull moment!”

Joe Wade Formicola
WRAL-FM Program Director

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