WRAL-TV To Air Special On Lighthouse Rededication

WRAL-TV To Air Special On Lighthouse Rededication

WRAL-TV will air a special hour-long edition of Q&A this Saturday evening, May 5, at 7:00pm. “Hatteras Homecoming” will feature the rededication of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the moving of which has been a topic much attention in the state and at WRAL-TV.

WRAL-TV will report live from the rededication ceremonies for the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
WRAL-TV Executive Producer Scott Pickey described the program: “The gist is that they’re bringing back all the descendents they can find from the long list of Lighthouse Keepers – from the 1850’s until the 1920’s – and having a homecoming for them. We’ll meet some of those people – look back at the lighthouse move – peek in on some of the ceremonies Saturday night and talk to a Raleigh woman who sells a ton of Lighthouse prints.”

WRAL-TV Anchor David Crabtree will host the program from the station, and Anchor Bill Leslie will report live from the Cape. From quirky trivia such as a lighthouse keeper named Pharaoh Farrow to facts about the Lighthouse, the program will take place during the rededication ceremony at the Cape. The ceremony will bring to a close the relocation project that has taken place
over the past few years. Pickey said, “This lighthouse was the third built on that site in 1870. It cost $11.8 million to move the lighthouse 2,900 feet – that’s $4,069 per foot.”
WRAL-TV covered the lighthouse move on a daily basis.

The program will be broadcast in analog on WRAL-TV Channel 5, and in high-definition on WRAL-DT Channel 53.

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