WRAL-TV Documentary: “Organ Donation, The Gift of Life”

WRAL-TV Encourages Organ Donation With Documentary

WRAL-TV sets out to inform and educate viewers with its many original documentaries. That mission will continue with “Organ Donation, The Gift of Life” set to re-air on WRAL-TV on Saturday, June 2, at 7:30pm.

First broadcast during “Organ Donation Awareness Month” on April 24th, the documentary received high ratings and encouraged viewers to become, or at least consider becoming, organ donors.

Through the program, WRAL introduces its viewers to three North Carolina families who have struggled with sickness and death. Despite their tragedies, these families have received the ultimate gift of giving, the gift of life, through organ donation.

The documentary tells the story of Michelle Peele, a Southern Pines mother who lost her daughter in a tragic car accident. Only two weeks before the accident, daughter Morgan told her mother she wanted to be a donor. Because of that decision, Morgan’s organs save the lives of eight people.

Viewers are also reminded of the story of the local teacher who gave a kidney to save the life of one of her students. Other instances are chronicled as well. The documentary also seeks to dispel the myths about organ donation.

WRAL-TV Anchor Bill Leslie hosts the program. WRAL-TV’s Phyllis Parish produced with support from Bob Sadler, Shelly Leslie, Bill Burch and Steve Elizondo.

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