CBC Contributes To American Tobacco Trail

CBC Contributes To American Tobacco Trail

CBC’s Wayne Ivey (right) helped guests select plants.

Despite the construction netting and the hot afternoon, a group of Durham officials and Triangle citizens gathered to collect azalea cuttings for the American Tobacco Trail (ATT). At the event in the WRAL Gardens on Tuesday, August 7, Capitol Broadcasting Company announced the creation of a $50,000 endowment for the care and maintenance of the ATT and the donation of thousands of azaleas to beautify the greenway.

CBC will give $10,000 per year for five years to create the endowment and will donate 5,000 azaleas from its renowned gardens during each of those years as well. CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon presented the first check to Durham at the 5:00pm ceremony. Then all attendees got a brief lesson in azalea cutting from CBC Property Management’s Gil Decker and set to work

Attendees placed their cuttings in ready-made trays for propagating as CBC’s Gil Decker (right) supervised.

with garden shears. The cuttings procured on Tuesday will be ready for planting in January 2003.

The 23-mile American Tobacco Trail will eventually run from downtown Durham near the Durham Bulls Athletic Park to New Hill Road in western Wake

CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon (center) presented funds for the endowment to Durham officials (left to right): Parks & Rec Director Johnny Ford, Mayor Nick Tennyson, City Manager Marcia Connor & Councilman Howard Clement.

County. The trail follows the abandoned tracks of the railroad that used to transport tobacco and other crops out of the Bull City. This plan ties into the American Tobacco Project on which CBC is also working in downtown Durham. The trail will wind through the center of the American Tobacco Campus, a site CBC plans to develop into retail, housing and office space.

CBC’s Doug Kernodle (center) showed attendees the art of cutting azaleas.

Attendees labeled their cuttings so they can plant the very cuttings they made in January 2003.

Guests worked in the gardens taking cuttings.

The 3 mile section in Durham.

The complete 23 mile trail
(Click on the maps above for a detailed view of the American Tobacco Trail)

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