Hurt Discusses The BTV Industry

Hurt Discusses the BTV Industry

Microspace Director of Sales & Marketing Greg Hurt recently provided some information to Via Satellite magazine about the satellite industry’s involvement with business television (BTV). The August issue of the monthly publication included the article “BTV, The Migration To Desktop Continues” by Nick Mitsis.

Hurt discussed the new and ongoing satellite-based BTV offerings, saying, “The streaming technologies have come along real nicely in the last 18 months.” Microspace provides uplinking and satellite time to clients for BTV and a variety of other applications. They are working on increasing its streaming capabilities to the desktop.

Hurt explained that one lure of BTV is that “…content can be stored and then users can retrieve it when it is convenient for them…” In the article, Mitsis writes, “In other words, workers receive company content whenever it is convenient for them as opposed to structured time when everyone must gather in a boardroom, achieved only with a near-impossible coordination of schedules.”

Mitsis also points to the slow-down of grow in the BTV market because of slow technology upgrades in the streaming community. However, the industry is working on raising transmission quality to the desktop. Senior Marketing Director for Hughes Network Systems Ned Kazor said, “I think what we will see over the next 12 to 18 months is definitely more adoption of the technology and the application itself.”

Microspace is the world’s largest provider of broadcast video, data and audio satellite services for business applications. The Capitol Broadcasting Company subsidiary is also a leading provider of Business Television Networks, using VELOCITY technology for broadcasting video/data content to multiple locations. A number of Fortune 500 companies rely on Microspace to deliver their business critical video content.

Via Satellite is a global magazine for the satellite-industry. The flagship publication of the Phillips Satellite & Space Group, Via Satellite delivers business analysis and technical insight to satellite industry professionals.

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