Triangle Holiday Season Begins With Parade

Triangle Holiday Season To Begin With Parade
WRAL-TV To Broadcast Live Coverage

WRAL-TV will once again be bringing the Raleigh Christmas parade home to viewers in the Triangle area, and for the second time will be producing the live show in high definition for the area’s HD viewers. The parade runs from 10:00am – noon this Saturday, November 17.

The traditional route kicks off at the corner of Hillsborough and St. Mary’s Streets and then winds downtown to end at the corner of Lenoir and Salisbury Streets beyond the State Capitol. Approximately 80,000 people lined the streets last year to watch the event.

WRAL-TV Anchors Pam Saulsby and Debra Morgan will co-host the parade coverage, with David Crabtree and variety of other WRAL personalities reporting from the street. WRAL-TV’s Randy Mews is producing the event with Mick Evans in the director’s chair.

WRAL will tape the parade in high-definition to be aired throughout December on WRAL-DT. The live signal will be down-converted and microwaved back to the station on Saturday for live coverage. Live coverage on both WRAL-TV and WRAL-DT will last the length of the parade, from 10:00am – noon.

The 2001 Raleigh Christmas Parade is the city’s 57th annual parade. The parade has been televised for last 28 of those years, with WRAL-TV broadcasting the event all of those 28 years.

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