Microspace’s Satellite Services Helps Keep “Business As Usual”

Microspace’s Satellite Services Helps Keep “Business As Usual”

The events of September 11th have dramatically changed the way United States businesses communicate. Air travel reductions, or in some cases, company-wide restrictions, are also greatly affecting how business is executed. Most business consultants agree that technology will play a more significant role in our daily corporate communications. And many companies know that satellite communications is fundamentally important to maintain a common culture throughout all of their offices.

All agree that it is vital for U.S. business to get back on track or, as President Bush urges us, to return to “…business as usual”. While restricting travel, how is this accomplished when parties are geographically dispersed? Businesses such as Morgan Stanley and the Immigration and Naturalization Service are using Microspace’s satellite services to help keep “business as usual”.

Many organizations are relying on satellite technology to bridge the geographic communication’s gap. According to Joe Amor, Vice President and General Manager of Microspace Communications, “A number of our clients utilized their private satellite network to reach their employees and business partners during and after this terrible disaster.” Amor adds, “Satellite broadcasting is a wonderful medium for communicating consistent themes and goals. A company-wide TV network is the most cost-effective way to perform daily corporate communications.”

Thanks to Microspace’s Greg Hurt & Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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