Microspace Satellite Streaming To Revolutionize Kiosk Industry

Microspace Satellite Streaming To Revolutionize Kiosk Industry

Always seeking ways to expand the uses for satellite delivery, Microspace has developed a new use for its Velocity Ku-band service. With a foray into the kiosk business, Microspace is exploring ways to use its satellite feed to constantly update kiosks with the most current information from their companies at a lesser cost.

Microspace became a member of the Kiosks.org Association, and Microspace Account Manager Greg Weaver has been named to the organization’s Technology and Standards and Developing Markets committees. Weaver will serve a one-year term beginning this week at the Kiosk.com Expo in Orlando. He will help track technical developments and help identify and evaluate markets for the kiosk industry. Microspace is the first, and currently only, member from the satellite industry.

One example of the use of satellite delivery for permanent kiosks will be audio and video sampling stations. Weaver explained, “These are media rich displays that dispense music and video and need to be regularly updated as new releases of CDs and DVDs hit the market. What better way to deliver the content than satellite? Each new CD or Video can simultaneously be sent to 1 or 1,000,000 locations at the press of a button. This content is then stored locally and available at these kiosks for customer selection.”

Weaver and Microspace also hope to use their satellite delivery based kiosk concept for software delivery, departments in supercenter environments, video game parlors, training, advertising, project education and more. The information on these kiosks will never become outdated and customers at these kiosks will receive fast, current and streamlined service.

Velocity will enable Microspace clients to pay a flat monthly fee regardless of the number of kiosks tapping into the stream. The more sites tapping into the stream, the cheaper the cost per site. The use of kiosks with satellite streaming will also save warehouse space now dedicated to products that quickly become obsolete, such as computer software.

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