FOX50 Launches Morning News Program

FOX50 Launches Morning News Program

Capitol Broadcasting Company’s dedication to local news excellence has expanded in the form of a new morning news program. “FOX50 Morning Connection” hit the airways on Monday, March 18, 2002.

The WRAZ-TV venture will air weekdays from 7-8am. The newscast will be a continuation of WRAL-TV’s 5-7am newscast. Anchored by Bill Leslie, Laurie Clowers, Mark Roberts and Mike Maze, “FOX50 Morning Connection” will be the market’s only local news in the time period.

“FOX 50’s Morning Connection is another chance to use WRAL’s resources to provide news for FOX 50 viewers at a different time of day,” said Clowers. “We also hope to have more live guests and some fun mixed in!”

Co-anchor Bill Leslie agreed. “We’re having fun with the new program. Our goal is to give viewers plenty of strong local news coverage but we also allow longer segments on important community events and news that you can use,” he said. “I like the format because it allows us to do a series of interesting interviews each day. Weather and traffic also play an integral part of the format and Mike and Mark certainly bring credibility and personality to the table.”

“FOX50 Morning Connection” will be an extension of WRAL’s brand, shot from the WRAL set and formatted similarly to the previous two-hour newscast on WRAL-TV. Local cut-ins during the CBC Early Show will be simulcast on both stations.

WRAL-TV News Director Andrea Parquet-Taylor commented, “We’re pleased to provide our viewers with the only local newscast in the market during that time period. It is exciting to have a great opportunity to do more of what we do best…local news.”

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